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Alarms – Acoustical

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BS 605

Product Description and Application

The alarms BS 60** are used for generating optical and/or acoustical signals in potentially explosive atmospheres. As flameproof or even intrinsically safe versions they can fulfil various tasks - e. g. in underground mines.


• Available as optical, acoustical, opto-acoustical, flameproof and intrinsically safe version
• Available with intrinsically safe control
• Optical part has a light frequency of 1 Hz with xenon photo-flash lamp
• Acoustical part adjustable
• In case of optical alarms: uv-resistant and impact proof - no protective cage required
• Even light distribution
• Four different mains AC voltages available

Acoustical Alarm "flameproof"

Type BS 605 is a device for generating acoustical signals by means of a two-tone siren and an extremely sturdy loudspeaker (IP 67) which is installed on the inside of the connection compartment lid.


The loudness level can be adjusted with a knob - up to 107 dB max.


The acoustical alarm BS 605 is available in 4 versions, for different mains AC voltages, from 110 to 1000 V, whose type designations differ in a letter that is annexed to the main designation.


Except type BS 605 E, all acoustical alarms are activated by applying an additional control voltage of 5 to 15 Volt.


The current consumption of the control inputs is 10 mA max.
On request, control is performed via telephone ringing signal or it can be omitted altogether.


The special version BS 605 E is activated by applying a supply voltage.

Acoustical Alarm "intrinsically safe"

In addition to the flameproof versions mentioned above, also the intrinsically safe types BS 605 *I and BS 605 *IS are available.

They generate acoustical signals with swelling up and down audio frequencies.


Unlike type BS 605 *I, which requires applying of a supply voltage, in type BS 605 *IS the supply voltage can remain connected permanently and the alarm is activated by means of an external potential-free contact (e. g. switch, relay or optocoupler).


When applying external control a switch-off lag of 0 - 7 seconds can be adjusted in order to bridge breaks in between telephone ringing signals.


Type of explosion protection: mining BS 60* *(*): ex I M1 Ex ia I
  ex I M2 Ex de [ib] I
  ex I M2 Ex deq [ib] I
Type of explosion protection: industry BS 60* *(*): ex II 2G Ex de [ib] IIB T5
  ex II 2G Ex deq [ib] IIB T5
BS 606 A: ex II 2G Ex d IIB T6
Degree of enclosure protection ≥ IP 54 (BS 606 A: IP 68)
EC type examination certificate
IBExU 03 ATEX 1147 X


Models and Performance Variants


BS 605* Acoustical Alarm „flameproof“
- The alarm is activated by applying an additional control voltage of 5 - 15 Volt
BS 605 *E Acoustical Alarm „flameproof“
- The alarm is activated by applying a supply voltage of 12 Volt
BS 605 *I
Acoustical Alarm „intrinsically safe“
- The alarm is activated by applying the supply voltage
BS 605 *IS Acoustical Alarm „intrinsically safe“
- The alarm is activated by an external potential-free contact

Further models on request!

Design – Technical Specifications
Input voltage
Type of current
Rated current
Rated output
BS 605 A
230 V
50/60 Hz
0.065 A
14 VA
BS 605 B
500 V
50 Hz
0.032 A
BS 605 C
1000 V
50 Hz
0.016 A
16 VA
BS 605 D
110 V
50/60 Hz
0.032 A
16 VA
BS 605 E
12 V
0 Hz
0.3 A
3.6 W


Electrical parameters of the acoustical alarms BS 605

  BS 605 EI and 605 EIS BS 605 FI and 605 FIS
Input voltage 12 V 24 V
Rated current 0.2 A 0.15 A
Rated output 2.4 W 3.6 W
Loudness level of siren approx. 97 dB approx. 107 dB


Subject to technical modifications!