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Coal Face and Compact Light Fitting

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BS 588***

Product Description and Application

The light fittings can be used in areas which offer only little room for installing lighting equipment, as well as for special applications. They may be mounted in any position; different custom-made mounts are available or can be manufactured.

• Impact, uv resistant cover
• Optionally, 3-lamp light fittings are available
• Glare-free
• Cost saving by standard 4-pin TCL fluorescent lamps
• Elektronical ballasts with separate output stages
• Spare parts available

Type of explosion protection: mining Ex-Symbol I M2 Ex edq I -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C
Type of explosion protection: industry Ex-Symbol II 2G Ex edq IIC T4 -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C
Degree of enclosure protection IP 66
EC type examination certificate IBExU 97 ATEX 1009
Model and Performance Variants
BS 588100 Light fitting 2 x 18 Watt with threaded sleeves (cable entry)
BS 588400 Light fitting 2 x 18 Watt with plug connection system
Design - Technical Specifications
Technical Data BS 588***
  BS 588100 BS 588400
  (Threaded sleeves) (Plug connection system)
Operating voltage 230 V (+ 15 % / - 15 %) 230 V (+ 15 % / - 15 %)
Nominal amperage 160 mA 160 mA
Lamp wattage 2 x 18 Watt 2 x 18 Watt
Type of lamp Standard energy saving lamp Standard energy saving lamp
Lamp holder 2 G 11 2 G 11
Dimensions approx. 320 x 240 x 180 mm 320 x 240 x 180 mm
Weight approx. 5.5 kg (sheet steel) 5.3 kg (sheet steel)



• Enclosure of sheet steel or plastic
• Highly impact resistant cover of high-grade material, with prisms on the inside
• Optionally, 3-lamp light fittings (3 x 18 Watt) are available
• Easy mounting of cable entries by letting down the standard punched steel plate, as this is only secured by a split pin
• Perfect illumination of elemental spots by structured and protruding cover with well-balanced prism support
• Glare-free
• Cost saving by commercially standard TCL lamps (4-pin with socket 2G11) and separately available spare parts
• Mature electronical ballast with separate output stages
• Protection of leads by a new geometry of the light fitting
• By low total weight of the light fitting (5.5 kg) comfortable handling is even possible under cramped space conditions
• Beside using the conventional connection technique with 3 threaded sleeves (M 36 x 1.5) the light fitting can be operated the BöSha plug connection system BS 408***
• Optionally a test switch with line termination (BS 59 M) can be screwed into the version with 3 threaded sleeves


Version "BS 588400" with BöSha plug connection system has additional advantages:

• The light fittings are supplied including lamps
• Big time advantage when connecting the light fittings as they do not have to be opened during the installation
• Plugging in of the system feasible by non-electricians
• When a light fitting is defect through-connection of lead is possible
• Mechanical plug-in connector - therefore, leads can be equipped with plug-in connectors by user electrician
• No additional test switch required because a separate line termination can be attached to each light fitting
• By forced guidance reversal of poles is impossible
• For starting operation no special tools


Subject to technical modifications!