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Conductor Bushings

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BS 161 - 163

Product Description and Application
The BöSha conductor bushings are used for the establishment of electrical connections between "flameproof" enclosures and enclosures or terminal boxes with another type of explosion protection (Ex e / Ex i).
A metal plug-in or threaded bush forms a flameproof joint together with the wall of the enclosure.
One or more conductors are guided through the bush and are permanently potted within the bush (EN 60079-0 / 60079-1).


  • Lock nut
  • Locking plate
  • Locking glue


Type of explosion protection: mining Ex-Logo I M2 Ex d I
Type of explosion protection: industry Ex-LogoII 2G Ex d IIC
EC type examination certificate
IBExU 04 ATEX 1082 U


Subject to technical modifications!

Model and Performance Variants

You will find more information on the different sizes and models in our catalogue: PDF downloads.