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Distribution Boxes (increased safety)

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Distribution Boxes BS 63-16

Product Description and Application
The distribution boxes of type BS 63*/*/16**** serve for the connection of circuits in "increased safety" according to EN 60079-7.
The distribution boxes of type BS 63*/*/16****  may be installed in any position by screwing the lateral butt straps onto a stabel even surface. Subsequent flanging of single units and the use of smaller wire diameters than stated in the design documents is possible upon consultation with the manufacturer. Installation of additional components may only be carried out by the manufacturer.
Type of explosion protection: mining ex I M2 Ex e I
Type of explosion protection: industry ex II 2G Ex e II T6/T5/T4
ex II 2D T 80 °C IP 6X
Degree of enclosure protection min. IP 65
EC type examination certificate

IBExU 05 ATEX 1057


Model and Performance Variants

Example of an Ex e Distribution Box

Verteiler BS 632/D/160013

Verteilerkasten (erhöhte Sicherheit) Beispiel1

- 150 x 150 x 90 mm
- Material thickness 3 mm
- 7 terminals Phoenix grey (Umax: 500 V)
- Mounting by means of 4 socket head cap screws
- Drill holes: at each side 1 x M 36 x 1.5, closed with dummy plugs
- Installation by means of fixed butt straps
- Two internal and one external protective conductor terminals

Design - Technical Specifications


Rated voltage
Max. 11000 V
Conductor cross-section Max. 240 mm²
Ambient temperature -40 °C to +40 °C
Nominal rating Depending on built-in components


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Subject to technical modifications!