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Explosionproof COB-LED Linear Luminaire

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30/60/75 Watt

Product Description and Application

BöSha linear luminaires provide uniform light, even in the harshest environments. Not only in Ex areas but also where moisture and dust prevail, increased fire prevention regulations exist and breakage resistance is required, these luminaires ensure operational safety.

Typical applications are to be found in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in mining, shipyards, tank systems, food companies, production halls and warehouses, underground car parks, and many more.

By means of modern chip on board LEDs you attain, compared with traditional fluorescent tubes, a more effective and economical illumination. Together with the standard single-sided throughwiring, in connection with an easily accessible terminal compartment, the installation work is reduced.




  ExII 2G Ex db eb op is IIC T5 Gb
Type of explosion protection:

Ex II 2G Ex db eb op is IIB T5 Gb

-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C

ExII 2D Ex tb op is IIIC T 100 °C Db
Degree of enclosure protection min. IP 64
EU type examination certificate IBExU 20 ATEX 1012


Model and Performance Variants


Nominal Voltage

Frequency Hz

Lamp Wattage Adjustable

Current Consumption approx

Nominal Lumen Output

at 5000 K
BS 52****-LED 230 V AC 0-50/60 Up to 30 W 0.13 A 3360 lm
BS 55****-LED Up to 60 W 0.26 A 6720 lm
BS 92****-LED Up to 75 W 0.33 A 8400 lm

Other versions on request!

Hole-to-hole spacing:

L aluminium/plastic (30 W) = 100 to   400 mm
L aluminium/plastic (60 W) = 200 to 1000 mm
L aluminium/plastic (75 W) = 200 to 1300 mm


Design – Technical Specifications

Characteristics of the explosionproof luminaires

  • Dimensions including cable entries: 735 / 1340 / 1640 x 189 x 131.5 mm – Dimensions with plug connectors: 754 / 1359 / 1659 x 189 x 131.5 mm
  • Plastic (PC) or aluminium profile with plastic headpieces
  • Aluminium middle section powder-coated
  • Luminaire cover polycarbonate (PC), uv-stabilized
  • Profile provides extremely robust design
  • Hole spacing variable
  • COB LED module on customer’s request for ambient temperature range -20°C to 40°C
    • Optionally, with throughwiring: ambient temperature range -20°C to 30°C
  • Up to four cable entries or two plug connectors
  • As standard, with two cable entries, M16 x 1.5; M20 x 1.5; M25 x 1.5

Subject to technical modifications!