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Terminal Blocks

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KL 400 Volt

Product Description and Application

The terminal blocks of type KL-*25-400 are used for connection of conductors with cross-sections of 0.5 to 2.5 mm2 in potentially explosive atmospheres. They are designed to be installed in enclosures with type of explosion protection "increased safety".


• 2- and 3-pole miniature terminal blocks, may be lined up in order to attain the required number of poles
• Very compact design
• Can be installed directy on metallic surfaces
• The non-detachable screws M3 are supplied with the terminals
• Have to be installed in IP 54 enclosures, at least (e. g. as protection against humidity)


Type of explosion protection: mining Ex I M2 Ex e I
Type of explosion protection: industry Ex II 2G Ex e II
EC type examination certificate
IBExU 02 ATEX 1095 U
Design - Technical Specifications


  Typ KL -*-25-400
Rated voltage 400 Volt
Rated amperage 16 Ampere
Rated cross-section 1.5 / 2.5 mm²
Minimum cross-section 0.5 mm²
Connectable conductor cross-sections
- 1 flexible conductor
- 1 solid/stranded conductor



Up to 1.5 mm²
Up to 2.5 mm²

Admissible temperature
(depending on type of plastic)
-65 to +  85 °C
-20 to +100 °C
-65 to +120 °C
-65 to +130 °C
Insulating cage Plastic: grey
(for Ex i applications: blue)
Conductive block Non-corrosive copper alloy
Installation With special screw(s) M3 (incl. spring and locking washer),
centre-to-centre mounting hole interval: 11 mm

You will find more technical details in our catalogue: PDF downloads.


Subject to technical modifications!