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LED Cone Luminaire "Modern Art"

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Model 1000305/315

Product Description and Application
The timeless enclosure design offers manifold application possibilities. Residential streets, traffic-calmed streets, parking lots and park grounds provide a suitable environment for this luminaire.
This luminaire is available with single-chip technology (nominally 96 lm/W at 6,000 K) as well as multi-chip-on-board technology (nominally 120 lm/W at 5,000 K).


Recommended pole height: 3.5 - 6 metres


Typical application areas
(lighting classes)

Light distribution curve
Cone Modern Art


Light distribution curve
Cone Modern Art


M2   P2   LVK Kegel Modern Art MCOB LVK Kegel Modern Art single-chip
M3   P3  
M4   P4 x
M5   P5 x
M6   P6 x


Model and Performance Variants
Wattage/ output
30 Watt
2,592 lumen at 5,000 K
Wattage/ output
Single-chip LED
55 Watt
2,420 lumen at 6,000 K
Colour temperature
3,000 K / 4,000 K / 5,000 K
Colour temperature
Single-chip LED
6,000 K
Light distribution
Spigot size
60 mm
Design - Technical Specifications
Dimensions [mm] Weight [kg] Wind load [m²]
Ø 498 x 600 9.7 0.25


Design, material and mounting

  • Enclosure of non-corroding aluminium
  • High-quality powder coating acc. RAL 9017 (black)
  • Direct mounting on the pole without additional work, connecting cable pre-assembled (optionally)
  • Illuminant cover of weather and uv-resistant polycarbonate
  • External screw connections of high-grade steel
  • Degree of enclosure protection: IP 65

Lighting technology

  • Single-chip LED with wide-angle optical lenses
  • Service life LED: 50,000 h – L70, B10
  • Needs-based light distribution

Electrical design

  • Voltage 195-265 V / 50 Hz
  • Electronic constant current LED ballast, efficiency 93 %
  • Protection class I acc. to VDE 0140 (DIN EN 61140)
  • Power supply degree of enclosure protection IP 65
  • Overvoltage protection 4 KV (optionally 10 kV, external module)

Subject to technical modifications!