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LED Luminaire "Modern Art I"

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Model 1000314

Product Description and Application
This luminaire is used where unusual features shall be emphasized. With its modern timeless design this luminaire fits into existing landscape garden configurations.
Equipped with proven single-chip technology with nominal 90 lm/W at 6,000 K these luminaires provide pleasant light in many fields of application.


Recommended pole height: 3.5 - 6 metres


Typical application areas
(lighting classes)

Light distribution curve
Modern Art I

M2   P2   LVK Modern Art I
M3   P3  
M4   P4 x
M5   P5 x
M6   P6 x


Model and Performance Variants
Wattage/ output
55 Watt
3.348 lumen at 6,000 K
Colour temperature
6,000 K
Light distribution
Spigot size
76 mm, optionally 60 mm (by means of reducing adapter)
Design - Technical Specifications
Dimensions [mm] Weight [kg] Wind load [m²]
Ø 650 x 900 13.5 0.15


Design, material and mounting

  • Enclosure of non-corroding aluminium
  • High-quality powder coating acc. RAL 9017 (black)
  • Direct mounting on the pole without additional work, connecting cable pre-assembled (optionally)
  • Illuminant cover of single-pane safety glass
  • External screw connections of high-grade steel
  • Degree of enclosure protection: IP 65

Lighting technology

  • Single-chip LED with wide-angle optical lenses
  • Service life LED: 50,000 h – L70, B10
  • Needs-based light distribution

Electrical design

  • Voltage 195-265 V / 50 Hz
  • Electronic constant current LED ballast, efficiency 93 %
  • Protection class I acc. to VDE 0140 (DIN EN 61140)
  • Power supply degree of enclosure protection IP 65
  • Overvoltage protection 4 KV (optionally 10 kV, external module)

Subject to technical modifications!