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LED Profile Luminaire Atlas 2000, 4000 and 3000

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Models 921 to 923

Product Description and Application

This LED luminaire may be used for appropriate and economical basic illumination of industrial and commercial halls. Bright, high-contrast illumination for production halls and warehouses ensures smooth production processes and safety.


Pay attention to the quality and efficacy of the product. The luminaires are equipped with highly efficient LED modules - supplying nominally 155 lm/W at 5,000 K.


The luminaires can be combined to an endless chain so that they can be used as a lighting strip. By its flexible mounting options the luminaire may be applied as wall-mounted as well as ceiling-mounted luminaire.


Light distribution curve
Profile Luminaire Atlas
symmetrical, 18°
Light distribution curve
Profile Luminaire Atlas
symmetrical, 29°
LVK Atlas 18° LVK Atlas 29°
Light distribution curve
Profile Luminaire Atlas
symmetrical, 54°
Light didtribution curve
Profile Luminaire Atlas
symmetrical, 73°
LVK Atlas 54° LVK Atlas 73°
Model and Performance Variants
Wattage / output* Atlas 2000 length: 2 metres Up to 100 Watt
Atlas 4000 length: 4 metres Up to 200 Watt
Atlas 3000 length: 3 metres Up to 100 Watt
*nominal output up to 155 lm/Watt at 5,000 K
*effective output depending on selected equipment
Colour temperature
3,000 K / 4,000 K / 5,000 K
(others on request)
Light distribution
Symmetrical (18°/ 29°/ 54° / 73°)
Mounting By means of wall and ceiling holder


Design - Technical Specifications
  Dimensions l x w x h [mm] Weight [kg]
Atlas 2000 2,000 x 120 x 62 5.7
Atlas 4000 4,000 x 120 x 62 11.4
Atlas 3000 3,000 x 120 x 62 8.5


Equipped with LED Citizen (up to 155 lm/W nominally),
Bridgelux BXRA ES or ProLight MCOBs


• Enclosure: aluminium profile
• Multi-chip-on-board LED
• High luminous flux and good colour rendering 
• Needs-based light distribution
   (symmetrical with various beam angles, see table / asymmetrical)
• LENINA reflector systems (subsequently interchangeable by means of twist-and-lock
• Optional accessories: diffusing panes
• ENEC 05 tested and approved
• Degree of enclosure protection: IP 66
• Recommended mounting height for ceiling installation: 6 - 15 metres


Subject to technical modifications!