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Limit Switch Units

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BS 65*

Product Description and Application
More and more, control fittings used in the industry are automated by means of pneumatic and electrical actuators. In order to control the working process at all positions the reaching of certain positions of the control fittings used has to be indicated to the central control unit.
The limit switch units, in closed housings, transform mechanical final or intermediate positions of a unit "actuator control unit" into electrical outputs. These can be passed on to the central control unit and there they can be processed. The different assemblies can be equipped, according to requirements, with mechanical or non-contacting sensors.
Our limit switch units may be applied in most potentially explosive atmospheres.
Type of explosion protection: mining Ex I M2 Ex edqm ia/ib [ia/ib] I
Type of explosion protection: industry Ex II 2G Ex edqm ia/ib [ia/ib] II, IIA, IIB, IIC T6, T5 or T4
  Ex II 2D T 80°C IP 6X
Degree of enclosure protection IP 54 or IP 66/67
EC type examination certificate IBExU 03 ATEX 1095
Ambient temperature -20 °C to +40 °C (enclosure with inspection window / polyester enclosure)
-40 °C to +40 °C (enclosure without inspection window)


Model and Performance Variants

Types of Limit Switch Units

In our own enclosures (optionally of polyamide, polycarbonate, polyester or aluminium) different sensors, according to customer's requirements, are installed. Standard possibilities are:

    Intrinsically safe slot-type sensors
    Intrinsically safe cylindrical sensors
    Intrinsically safe printed circuit board (pcb-)sensors
    Final position indication with microswitches


In addition to the standard versions we are able to offer special solutions, e. g. additional cable entries, power supply via plug-in connectors, triple sensors a. o.

Design - Technical Specifications
Technical data BS 65*
Max. voltage 1000 Volt
Max. amperage 13 Ampere
Max. conductor cross-section 16 mm²

The values are maximum values, the actual electrical values are determined by the components installed. Within these limit values the manufacturer determines the design values and, thus, ensures observance of the maximum surface temperature and the permitted operating temperature of the components.


In order to be able to establish an interface between the limit switch unit and the actuator mounting brackets according to VDI/VDE 3845 are required.

These mounting brackets, manufactured by BöSha - of superior high-grade steel - are fitted to the actuator by means of screws.


Subject to technical modifications!